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300 win mag vs 308 bullet size

Grab some Cutting Edge Bullets 100-grain Raptors for your.300 Win., and youve got as fine a coyote-killing machine as was ever invented.
About 900 foot-pounds more muzzle energy.
308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag: Rifle Bullet Selection.
Although the recoil.300 Win.
Well, it all depends on what and where youre hunting.There is a great deal of difference between the 300 Winchester Magnum, affectionately known as the 300 Win Mag, and the 308 Winchester.Barrel Life : A 308 barrel can be expected to last for 2-3 times the number of shots fired compared with a 300 Win Mag.Since the.308 Winchester is so much shorter than the.30-06 Springfield and.300 Winchester Magnum, it will fit in a short-action rifle while the larger two cartridges are restricted to long-action rifles (more on this later).Phil Massaro explains why.Mag, right, and the.30-338, the latter being.338 Win.But, in my opinion, handloading lets you see another71 coupon code the true genius of the.300 Win.As Ive stated before: the.308 Winchester,.30-06 Springfield, and the.300 Winchester are all great rifle cartridges.

Mag., left, was the fourth cartridge in a series of belted magnums designed to fit in a standard long action.
For a more detailed discussion on the.30-06 Springfield and how it compares to the.270 Winchester cartridge, read this article: 270 vs 30-06 Debate Settled Once And For All Enjoy this article discussing the 308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag?
This is, in fact, partly because of the fabulous selection.30-caliber bullets we have today.
After World War II, the Army started seriously looking for shorter cartridge to replace the.30-06 Springfield and experimented with new designs.This gives the 300 several advantages: About 450 fps more muzzle velocity.Even though it has the same maximum overall length as the.30-06 Springfield, the.300 Winchester Magnum has a slightly longer (2.62.49) and larger diameter (.532.473) case thanks to its.375 H H roots.The other Winchester magnums are, from left to right, the.264,.338 and.458, all based on the.375 H H Mag.To use the vernacular, the.300 Winnie just shoots.