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Dave" Glad it turned out well.
I understand machines break down but the repair costs are outrageous.
I hope Apple comes through for others with the same problem.
Judging by their intent to continue and 'deepen' the investigation, Apple must still be considering taking responsibility for this.
Mine was purchased in June originally and was one of the delayed shipping units, so I didn't get it till Sept of '04.D I love Apple.Has been OK since repair.Once again, to reiterate, this is from chocolate coffee gift a refurbished late-2005 spec (although I purchased it about a year ago from the Apple Store with a 3-year Applecare extension like a smart person would do) dual.3GHz G5 Powermac, PCI-Express, and for sure the heatsink.I see on your website that many owners have had this problem repaired by apple at little or no cost.It sounds like they are completely rebuilding it the unit.I described the green stains running down the heat-sink where in meets the processors and the damp feeling to the ambient pad.(Delphi supplied pumps seem to be the most prone to this although many don't note the LCS design/brand used in theirs.There is an expected 1-2 months delivery time for parts.

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I noticed something was wrong a few days ago because the fans would run full-bore when the processors were only at 15 load or so and I could hear intermittent "glitching" sound like air pockets being pushed list of roblox gift card codes through the coolant pump.
Though not fool proof, I think one could use one of those cheap 20 water alarms available at Home Depot.
Mine was leaking clean anti-freeze looking liquid.
Most however don't know there was a leak until major damage had occurred.-Mike ) It was only in retrospect, after reading your page that I remembered seeing a small pool of liquid near the machine some weeks ago, but I had forgotten that it was.
Just need to get it more fully checked.If you need to speed up your network in your workplace, then these tips may also help.( Update - On Sept.Two weeks later, I got the Mac back.The G5 pump also had a further base extension part that was, to put it simply, weird!About 2 weeks ago my G5 started having freezes and growing problems rebooting from not only the hard drive but also from the install.( That's appx.52.From my experience and what I've read of others, there's a good chance of getting assistance from Apple, with or without warranty, so credit to them.