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Does batman or superman win

He is a man who has seen evil firsthand, and who knows its full extent.
He is an immigrant who perfectly embodies the ideals of his adopted home, who serves as a guiding beacon towards some future, blessed year, to a city on the hill called.
Lex Luthor: a self-made millionaire, a brilliant scientist, and an accomplished body builder who nevertheless resents the fact that he lives in the shadow of the Son of Krypton; a man who cannot appreciate what he has.His, s exploding out of his chest like a ray of hope, as he shines the light of truth upon the world.Imagine a story which was written for this context, by somebody who understood the main characters: Batman warring against Superman because of the progressive creep and the economic destruction that the federal government was wreaking upon American manufacturing; Superman fighting against the reactionary who didnt.He comes from a humble farming background, he lives modestly, and yet it is not greed or envy that drives him to aim his X-Ray vision upon the corrupt power brokers of society; rather, it is their ashl promo code envy of a modest man which drives them.Hes honed his body to the peak of human perfection plus hes straight-up bad ass.Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros airpark ewr promo code in the world.

Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, were more interested in who kicks the most ass.
He created an art-house action flick with a formulaic plotline, cypress mountain discount tickets a film that was all climax and no allegory.
I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes.The problem with writing such a script, however, is that the left would have to admit that theyve been played.He's going to be even bigger than our Superman in silhouette.Instead what we got was a fight, mano e mano, based upon a miscommunication.They both work towards the common good, but in manners which are incompatible if not outright irreconcilable.