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Gift card purchase charge

How do customers redeem their gift card?
At the time of purchase the gift card is associated with the gifter's account.
To help with this, or if you are sending your own emails, Recurly will issue an updated_gift_card_notification webhook to discount auto glass jacksonville alert you that the gift card delivery information has been changed.Canceling a gift card will make the associated redemption code inactive, blocking any redemption attempts.Set the accounting_code to the internal identifier.Gift card redemption on Plan Hosted Payment Page You can allow gift card redemption on the Plan Hosted Payment Pages.Create one gift card product with multiple amount options.Can customers add value to a gift card?The Gift Cards export includes a row for every purchased gift card on your site.For those customers who did not provide billing information at the time of sign-up, you will need to encourage them to add billing information before a subscription renewal where additional payment is due, past their gift card credit or any other credits on their account.Purchasing a Disney Gift Card eGift is as simple as purchasing any other product.I know it charged to the credit card because I got the full book but.This "converted at" time will soon be available in your Subscriptions export so you can filter to all subscriptions that started with a gift and see how quickly they converted compared to their creation date.Find the remaining gift card credit on the recipient's account and delete.

Blank means the gift card has not been redeemed.
If you need to refund a gift card purchase, we recommend that you first block the associated credit from being used and then do a full refund to the gifter.
Allow gift card recipients to redeem the gift card credit for payment on any subscription or product.
How does the recipient check their balance?
Redeeming a Disney Gift Card eGift.If the email address or physical address the gifter provided for the recipient was incorrect, you can log into the Recurly Admin Console and edit the gift card's delivery information before you resend the gift card to the recipient.Flexibility to not require a credit card from gift card recipients.By sending in time in UTC, you can tell Recurly what time beginning of day is in your timezone.There are three optional payment form fields which will not apply to the gift card purchase page, if selected.Can I edit the gift card email?Refunding a purchase made with a gift card adds the refunded amount to the gift card's balance.No Balance Remaining - The gift card has been redeemed and the balance has been completely used.

You may use your credit card to purchase your Disney Gift Card eGift as you would with any other item.
Js updates for gift card purchases.
Can I restrict gift cards to certain items?