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Gift list for dragon age origins

gift list for dragon age origins

Finally, note that some gifts are "plot" gifts.
Most of groom wedding gift box these items can actually be given to the wrong party member which will only give a 1 in place of discount mk bags the higher value, so you want to avoid that.
Map of the Anderfels (Loghain medium Gold Bar (Zevran medium Silver Bar (Zevran).In order to obtain this, you must have Leliana in your party when you enter Dust Town in order for her to give you the CS in which she says that she loves the cute little pig bunnies that are Nugs. .Duncan's Shield (Alistair etched Silver Symbol (Leliana fancy Scroll (Wynne).These gifts will open a particular dialogue and, in a few instances, give access to a particular side quest.Large Bone (Dog legacy White Shear (Oghren locket (Morrigan).This is very important and it shows a crucial limitation to the effectiveness of gifts.Blue Satin Shoes (Leliana botanists Map of Thedas (Loghain bronze Symbol of Andraste (Leliana).Flemith's Gromoire (Morrigan)?Found Cake (Dog gemmed Bracelet (Any garblogs Back Country Reserve (Oghren).You can give Leliana the gift at any time she will happily accept it, and thereafter when you visit with her in Camp, the pet Nug will be nearby her on the ground.Chantry Amulet (Leliana chasined Sack Mead (Oghren current Map of Ferelden (Loghain).Beef Bone (Dog black Grimoire (Morrigan black Runestone (Alistair).Some gifts are specific to a particular party member, while others you can give to any party member.

Ancient Map of Orlais nascar gift baskets (Loghain andraste's Grace (Leliana antivan Leather Boots (Zevran).
As a general rule when you see a gift on a merchant you should always buy it and when you encounter a gift in a container you should always loot. .
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Discovering Dragon's Blood (Wynne dalish Deerhide Gloves (Zevran dalish Gloves (Zevran).
So, if you give another gift that base bonus is reduced to 4, then 3 for the third gift, and etc.Once you get the CS, you can talk to the dwarf in Dust Town, and ask him to capture a Nug for you. .For certain gifts there are actually more than one available in the game so it is possible to obtain duplicates but you can still gift them to the proper party member without it being a problem.You can only make them so happy!This is the base first-time approval gain and it applies to every character in the game.Also, once you reach maximum approval, you can't gain any additional bonus from gifts.Some gifts will be refused by certain party members and accepted by others, and some gifts not only gain you points but are also initiate small CS's for the plot line or even trigger quests. .If a gift is favored (see the list on the next page) by the character, then you also gain a 5 bonus on top of the base bonus.Golden Mirror (Morrigan golden Rope Necklace (Morrigan gold Scythe 4:90 Black (Oghren).