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Deadspin eulogized him as "McCarthy on steroids." "He disadvantages of total reward strategy was engaging even at his most reprehensible, which had everything to do with the unexpected note of pathos in his character, an oddly relatable paranoid streak : We the viewers were suspicious, too.
Macho Camp : "Warrior loses the WWF title after receiving a scepter between the eyes" is a line which can only originate from a certain era of wrestling.
At first, he cheered The Undertaker as he infamously locked Warrior in a casket on the "Funeral Parlor" set, but as time passed and they left the set, Savage said, in essence, "OK, you've made your point, fun's over, let's open the casket lid and.
Too Important to Walk : The Macho King was carried to every match in a sedan throne on the backs of jobbers like a Roman Emperor.Signature Move : Diving double axe-handle, elevated body slam with theatrics, or a double knee drop upon the head of a downed opponent.Vince knew the game was up, as he could not (or would not) reveal his motivations for blackballing Randy, and so audibly sighed and went ahead with the DVDs.In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Poffos (Angelo, Lanny and Randy) were running International Championship Wrestling in Lexington, KY, which was an outlaw (runs in the same territorial areas as an established promotion in opposition) promotion against the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis.Unperson : For years, Savage was treated like this by Vince McMahon and WWE, for personal reasons known only to Savage and McMahon.

Fortunately for Savage, it was not an attempt at character assassination like The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.
Need a little, excitement?
He also christmas cookies in a jar gift ideas had Team Madness, with Sid Vicious, Madusa, Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) and Miss Madness (Molly Holly), though it was more of an entourage.HeelFace Turn : Legendary with his switch at the end of the summer of 1987; officially, it was when Savage became fed up with disparaging comments the Honky Tonk Man began making about former Intercontinental Champions (namely Savage) and how he was less than three.At the same time, he also recognized what a great job the two had put on and congratulated them on top of chewing them out.After a series of knee injuries ending about 1998, Savage couldn't work at his former level, and had to be protected with a series of valets doing interference spots; this was far from the worst thing about WCW in 1999."Nacho Man" skits done by WWF in the mid-'90s also made fun of Randy's age and bald spot; both of which he was very sensitive about according to Lanny Poffo and he believes these skits played a role in the bad blood between Savage and.ICW's TV announcers would give away the real names of CWA wrestlers, issue challenges on the air, and Savage even once attacked valentine's day small gifts for him CWA wrestler "Superstar" Bill Dundee at the CWA's gym.) I AM THE lord AND master OF KID games!Borrowed Catchphrase : On the May 27, 1999 WCW Thunder, he ended a promo with "If you smell what the Mach is cooking!" Bunny-Ears Lawyer : The Macho Man might have been one of the most insane people in wrestling (and that's saying a lot.Savage passed away on May 20th, 2011 at the age of 58: after suffering a sudden, massive heart attack while driving, he lost control of his Jeep Wrangler and crashed into a tree.