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At the al-Jibssa field in Hassakeh province, north-eastern Syria, which produces 2,500-3,000 bpd, about 30-40 big trucks a day, each thundershirt coupon code with 75 barrels of capacity, would fill up, according to one Hassakeh oil trader.
Oversight of the oil wells is carefully controlled by the.
Until recently, Isis emir for oil was Abu Sayyaf, a Tunisian whose real name, according to the Pentagon, was Fathi Ben Awn Ben Jildi Murad al-Tunisi, and who was killed by US special forces in a raid in May this year.
Since the group emerged on the scene in Syria in 2013, long before they reached Mosul in Iraq, the jihadis saw oil as a crutch for their vision for an Islamic state.The very day of its takeover, locals say, militants secured the fields and engineers were sent in to begin operations and ship the oil to market.For the most part, it relies on regional walis governors to administer territories according to the precepts laid down by the central shura.I could choose whatever position I wanted, he promised me, he said.Certain images are copyrighted, please ask before taking any images.Isis knows this oil is a winning card.

Oil is the black gold that funds Isis black flag it fuels its war machine, provides electricity and gives the fanatical jihadis critical leverage against their neighbours.
When it pushed through northern Iraq and took over Mosul, Isis also seized the Ajil and Allas fields in north-eastern Iraqs Kirkuk province.
Once in possession of al-Omars oil, the traders either take it to local refineries or sell it on at a mark-up to middlemen with smaller vehicles who transport it to cities further west such as Aleppo and Idlib.
The groups approach to government across the territories it controls is highly decentralised.
The central role of oil is also reflected in the status it is given in Isis power structures.Drivers present a document with their licence plate number and tanker capacity to Isis officials, who enter them into a database and assign them a number.These bridgeheads were then used to consolidate control over the whole of eastern Syria after the fall of Mosul in 2014.Oct 21 Oct 20 Oct 20 Ebrahim Noroozi/AP Sep 21 Play m 1:48 Sep 12 Suggested Interests.Syria s rebel-held north: the region is dependent on the jihadis fuel for its survival.If diesel is cut off, there is no life here, says a businessman who works near Aleppo.But more than a year after US President Barack Obama launched an international coalition to fight Isis, the bustling trade at al-Omar and at least eight other fields has come to symbolise the dilemma the campaign faces: how to bring down the caliphate without destabilising.

While al-Qaeda, the global terrorist network, depended on donations from wealthy foreign sponsors, Isis has derived its financial strength from its status as monopoly producer of an essential commodity consumed in vast quantities throughout the area it controls.
It also appoints Isis members who have worked at oil companies in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Middle East as emirs, or princes, to run its most important facilities, say traders who buy Isis oil and engineers who have worked at Isis-controlled fields.
Isis need for fuel for its military operations means there is also less oil to sell in the market.