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North korea vs united states who would win

north korea vs united states who would win

North Korea's manpower is half the size of United States man power.
It is not certain that whether the countries will go war or not.
So, it could only kill millions of innocent people.But negotiation, conciliation is the way to gain real victory for each party.North Korea has military and strategic partnership with China and Russia.New president in South Korea: hope for peace.But it certainly could start another World War.The background of United States.

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North Korea will be a great example for victory.
Its main revenuers are chemical industry, mining, food processing etc.
Sharif what to get for a baby shower gift Mustajib student, International Relations, university of Chittagong.The F-16 was developed in the states.In the sea, United States loses 2:1.To answer the question you have to have a look to US trade route and geopolitical contexts.On the other hand, its neighboring counterpart South Korea is well settled economy.Not only for Korean peninsula bur also a deep concern for world community because may it start another massacre in history.At the end of the day, United States could end this war in a blink.1.4 million people are currently active personal and additional 850,000 are in the reserve.

And China can realize that North Koreas aggressive activities troubles it economic advancement and it has to face extra headache.