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Booths that are sometimes called boxes edit See also: Booth (disambiguation) Call box Penalty box, a booth used in many ball-team sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty.A folding carton (sometimes called a box) is fabricated from..
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For example if from is set to 10 you will receive the 11th decision limit.
Note that ticket king gift certificate the content of this map is not subject to the abuse types specified in the request; we always include all Decisions that have been applied to the given entity.
Id String The unique identifier of the Decision that was taken.Request Request scores for a user and abuse types using the (optional) abuse_types query parameter: GET import sift client ient rest_API_KEY_here response t_user_score(user_id "user_ID_here abuse_types"payment_abuse "promotion_abuse import "sift" client Sift:w api_key "rest_API_KEY_here response t_user_score user_ID_here :abuse_types "payment_abuse "promotion_abuse require 'sift-php/lib/Services_p require 'sift-php/lib/p require 'sift-php/lib/p require.Allowed values payment_abuse A user using stolen payment information (e.g.Provide the phone number as a string starting with the country code.

You can specify criteria (e.g.
Response For successful requests, the response should have an http status code of 200.
You should send 6-12 months of key events (e.g.We automatically collect this data when you add our JavaScript snippet to your website and our Mobile SDKs to your app.Note: When you don't have a value for a given field, send the value as null, nil, None, etc, or omit the field altogether.Var _session_id 'unique_session_id / Set to a unique session ID for the visitor's current browsing session.Once the user has logged in or created an account, send a subsequent event, or alink_session_to_user event with the user ID set, and the same session.What actions your business is taking in response to users (eg approve an order, ban user due to fraud, cancel order due to chargeback, etc).# To check if the call was successful: response.Once you start sending data, Sift starts to make predictions about whether a user will be good or bad.