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Saying christmas eve gift

I was born in Tallahassee, Florida 1954.
I heard my grandfather make positive comments about Jesse Jackson too.
Going back beyond the Quinn family tradition of Christmas Eve Gift, there is an ancient gift-giving tradition that began at the dawn of time, and was culminated in the greatest of all gifts approximately 2000 years ago. .
It is somewhere (?) in my files.By the way, my family roots are in Tennessee.I can remember a Great Grandmother actually being miffed if someone "got" her.And over the past 20 years I have gotten my husband more times than he has gotten me, merely because he goes to bed who would win memes before midnight and I'm a late night person, heh heh heh.He and 3 infants all died within a week of spinal meningitis when she was about 20 years old.It took me a while to find what I was looking for, but I knew I had heard that term before.Her grandmother's name was Kilpatrick.Muth of Rockfield, KY, forwarded your page to me and it is a revelation.Your article inspires me to try to find an origin.In addition to my father's explanation of the tradition (I'm sure not nearly as wild as our current tradition I have seen this explanation in a couple of printed collections of Christmas traditions.

(PawPaw is NOT someone you christmas gifts for mom from kids want to aggravate on the day before Christmas, let me tell you!) PawPaw is an early riser anyway, and is always the first one up on Christmas Eve morning - well, he has lots to do, but I won't spoil.
Nellie Miller Thanks for your information.
I can almost hear Papa laugh with hearty gusto.My mother always said that, too, even later over the phone when she would call me from Missouri on Christmas morning.My line remained there until the 1920's, when Grandpa moved to Alberta then British Columbia.It only begins after the day begins, at sunup.She was born and raised in and around Northeast Texas (fairly close to Oklahoma, I guess you could say).I suspect that the author was William Faulkner (and if I hadn't read so many cereal box backs as a kid, I might be able to remember).Fortunately, now at 80 yrs old, Mom doesn't set off firecrackers, but boy is she ever quick to say "Christmas Gift" when we call on Dec.Except, ours is Christmas gift, done Christmas morning (a good way to get the grown-ups going earlier, so we could open presents.) My dad's from Memphis, and as I understand it, it actually dates back to slavery times.

For my immediate family this has evolved into Pajamas/loungewear over the years and my kids and grandkids know they'll get this every year.
My grandparents and great grands were from AR, Izard and Perry Co's.